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Thank you for visiting Independent Waiora International. You're about to be introduced to a new level of health possibilities and improved customer service. Keep in mind, as you get to know us better, that we are always on the lookout for representatives in your area. If you're interested, please drop us a line at to request more information.

Essential Daily Nutrients

Introducing Essential Daily Nutrients, the first and only full-spectrum cell-renewal formula in the world.

Not only does Essential Daily Nutrients promote vital energy, promotes mental clarity and focus, helps manage stress, promotes joint comfort and flexibility, but a one ounce serving provides the antioxidant protection of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, helping to protect DNA against free radical damage. Click Here for more information about Essential Daily Nutrients.

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Natural Cellular Defense

Advanced Antioxidant Formula has more comprehensive nutrition per calorie than any conventional food.

The human body replaces more than 300 billion cells every day. Unfortunately, the standard American diet severely lacks the nutrition required for optima cell reproduction. Advanced Antioxidant Formula provides enhanced bioavailability with highly digestible proteins and minerals from whey, and Essential Fatty Acids from cranberries using nano technology for optimal absorbtion. Supports cell regeneration, immune system, and is a powerful anti-oxidant producer.

A one ounce serving has the equivalent nutritional value of one glass of reduced fat milk, a handful of almonds, a handful of sunflower seeds, one cup of oatmeal, one grapefruit, one potato with sour cream, one-half of a roast beef sandwich with Romaine lettuce and a bowl of breakfast cereal, all for a mere 86 calories.

Essential Daily Nutrients

Essential Daily Nutrients reinstates nature's signal for optimal regeneration.

As we approach age 35, the signal factors between the brain and body begin to deteriorate rapidly. In fact, at ge 35, the key signal ingredient (DHEA) that guides cellular development is produced at approximately one-half the level that it was at age 21.

DHEA controls 150 metabolic functions, helps restore cell renewal signals througout the body and brain and promotes cellular energy. Keep the longevity signal crystal clear with Essential Daily Nutrients. Click Here for more information about Essential Daily Nutrients.

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Superior Fiber Blend

Superior Fiber Blend is Waiora International' ultimate joint-care formula that promotes joint comfort and flexibility without drugs.

Superior Fiber Blend is not a drug. Its proven joint-care effectiveness comes from a highly effective combination of clinically tested natural ingredients that work together synergistically to promote joint comfort and flexibility by enhancing the body's ability to regenerate and renew joint tissue at the cellular level.

Superior Fiber Blend is the only product in the world that promotes joint health in four ways: 1) Promotes joint comfort using Protectin, 2) Helps joint lubrication using Chondroitin and MSM, 3) Promotes flexibility and ease of movement using Protectin and CMO, 4) Aids in regenerating and renewing cartilage using Glucosamine sulfate. Click Here for more information about Natural Cellular Defense.

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How would you like the opportunity to tele-commute (work from home)?. We are in the process of recruiting represenatives in your area. You could be part of the new, e-commerce-enabled, telecommuting, health and wellness economy.

You can participate in this exciting new health and wellness bio-tech opportunity and all you need is a computer with Internet access and you're ready to start earning money from your home. This is the perfect opportunity for homemakers, webmasters, dislocated dot-com workers, etc... PLUS we provide all the training, so there's no experience necessary.

Tired of being someone else's slave? Put yourself in the driver's seat and be the master of your own financial destiny. Click Here to access our Independent Associate Web Site or Click Here to Sign-Up Now online.


There are a number of advantages that come with partnering with our Independent Waiora International Team. Of primary interest is your ability to team with proven professionals and the advantage of having an incredible anti-aging neutraceutical product line at your disposal.

Teaming with us gives you instant access to cellular renewal, health and wellness, increased bioavailability, and inexpensive Independent Associate Web site services. Joining us can be the single most important investment of your life.  


This Independent Waiora Directory Service is open to any and all current Waiora International Representatives. Click here to find out more and join us today.

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We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what you would like to see, here on Independent Waiora International Team.

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