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Legal Resources Online


Access Criminal Records Online
The easy way to access criminal records online with Case Breakers. Quick, easy, painless. Don't allow yourself to be victimized. Do your own criminal background checks.

Advanced Equipment, Security & Protection
Dedicated to protecting your privacy, assets and your personal safety with advanced equipment, tools and gear. Spy & surveillance cameras, night vision scopes, telephone & video surveillance, etc...

American Bar Association Network
The ABA's home page provides a wealth of information regarding the legal profession and the organization itself. Features such as the "ABA Store" & events makes this site a valuable resource.

American Intellectual Property Law Association
The American Intellectual Property Law Association was formed (in 1897) to study and improve laws related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property issues. Features such as FAQ's, membership requirements, meetings, reports, and continuing education programs.

Bill's Law Library
A truly comprehensive symposium of information related to the subject of law. Abundant links to general resources. Literally Thousands of links here.

Bounty Hunters Online
Posted by a professional hunter, she tells her "Lone Ranger " story, shares some her most interesting catches, and includes the history of law enforcement and the bounty system. Features include links to surveillance equipment, detectives and Private Investigators.

Cafe Law - Your Source For Free Legal Information

Center For Corporate Law
Especially useful to attorneys who practice corporate and securities law. A good site to complete any research for prior opinions about public utilities and investor protection issues.

Civil Rights Code of the United States
Posted by the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, this site provides a complete up-to-date version of the Civil Rights Code. An Enormous site, but very user-friendly with five automated features to search for information quickly and accurately. Well Organized.

Code of Federal Regulations


Consumer Law Page
Highlights documents, cases, brochures, and general information for everyday citizens curious about their rights as consumers. Features such as product liability, toxic torts, information on filing complaints and an extensive law and consumer rights database.

Copyright Website
Filled with information on every level of this liscencing procedure. Copyright is THE cyberspace issue. Fundamentals along with in-depth information regarding copyright infringement, public domain, fair use, and Internet Issues.

Criminals Behind Bars
Support system and information repository for victims of crimes committed by criminals from behind bars. Including online resources and support groups.
Site targeted to protecting the rights of youth online. Features an alternative to the overbearing evils-of-the-Internet approach by gently encouraging positive ethical foundations for Internet usage via positive stories and Cyber-Superheroes. Entertaining and educational alternative, preventing cybercrime before it starts.

Department of Justice

Divorce Online
Posted by a professional hunter, she tells her "Lone Ranger " story, shares some her most interesting catches, and includes the history of law enforcement and the bounty system. Features include links to surveillance equipment, detectives and Private Investigators.

The Electronic Legal Source

Entertainment Law CyberCenter
This online companion to "Variety" provides a certain amount of chaff, but you will find pertinent, insider dealmaking tips for film and television, including the Acquisition/Distribution Agreement and a variety of articles on legalities of film-making and distribution.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Prisons Homepage

Federal Communications Law Journal
Review the latest and back issues of the FCC Law Journal. Topics include broadcasting, computers, communications, policy-making and First Amendment Issues.

Federal Rules of Evidence


Firearms & Liberty
Gun owners will get a charge visiting The Firearms and Liberty homepage. From legal issues to gun usage tips, this site has all the details.

Government Information Locator Service (GILS)

GPO Gate: Search U. S. Government Documents

House of Representatives - Internet Law Library

Information Technology Association of America

Internet Law Page
The focus of legal issues is the information age, which applies to Internet legal issues. Features include information about trademarks, domain names, and communications regulations.

JOSHUA: Judicial Online Super-Highway User Access System

K9 Academy for Law Enforcement
This site offers police resources, K9 case law, training tips, and information on books, membership and international conferences.

Latin Words and Phrases

LAW FORUM -- Attorneys, Law Firms, Lawyers, Legal Resources

The Law Practice Technology Center

Features links in categories such as Administrative, Commercial, Constitutional, Criminal, Environmental, Intellectual Property, Tax and more, from around the world.

A fabulous government and legal resource page. Features include courtroom rules and etiquette, listings of law schools and libraries, and the latest legal news, in addition to a complete listing of human rights and civil liberties organizations.

A unique service of discussing various law and legal topics using sound and WAV files. You can hear about about topics like Constitutional criminal law and civil law.

Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Now a part of West Group, LCP provides access to its publications and services. This integral legal library includes hundreds of products in both print and electronic form.

Billed as "the world's premier full-text, online legal, news, and business information service". This site has vast resources, many of which are presented here free of charge. Features software and services. A top-quality site to bookmark.

Library of Congress: Legislative Indexing Vocabulary - Browse/Search the Thesaurus

The Litigation Site

NASDAQ Financial Executive Journal
In-depth articles and interviews about the securities industry such as "Inform Yourself About the Causes of Securities Class Actions Before You Are Forced to Learn From Experience", & "Disclosure from an Analyst's Perspective". From Cornell & NASDAQ Stock Exchange..

New York Stock Exchange
In-depth Stock Exchange information including listed companies,International views, investor protection, education and more.

Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center
This extensive site offers a variety of publications and books that help the consumer take care of their own legal matters. A description of each book is offered, as are pricing and ordering information. Also information on landlord right of entry, tenant's privacy rights and more.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

Office of Compliance

Office of Government Ethics

Oyez Oyez Oyez: A Supreme Court WWW Resource

Practicing Attorney's Home Page
Bookmark this site. A comprehensive research database at your fingertips. Arkansas databases, in addition to environmental, tax, criminal family and business law databases, and more.

Quid Pro Quo

Simpson Court Transcripts
A comprehensive review of the decade's most popular trial. An index of witnesses, a transcript for each day in session, list of interviews with dismissed jurors, an overview of motions and court orders, and letters and memos that were introduced as evidence.

Supreme Court Decisions
Great for all aspiring Judge Wapners, the Legal Information Institute's Website makes available the decisions of the .S. Supreme Court from 1990. Court cases like Roe vs. Wade, school prayer, decisions affecting corporations and many other burning questions can be found here.

The White House
Visit the offices of the President Bill Clinton, the First Lady, Vice-President Gore, and his wife. Features include current presidential initiatives, related offices, recent public addresses, Bill's biography, and even his email address!. A very graphic-intensive yet appealing website.

As in Thomas Jefferson, this site is a service of the U.S. Congress. Features include full text of Congressional bills, "How Our Laws Are Made", or review the text of the U.S. Constitution.

Today's Lawyer Joke
Heard a good one lately?

U.S Department of Justice
As the largest law firm in the nation, the U.S. Dept. of Justice give a comprehensive review of the organization and issues that fall under its supervision. Featuring press releases, status updates on specific cases, and speeches by the President and other noteworthy figures.

U.S. House Internet Law Library - Federal Laws

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act

U.S. Supreme Court Rules

United States Code

Volunteer Legal Handbook - Home Page

West Publishing-Internet Information Center
A leading publisher of legal and educational materials, West Publishing is also a provider of news, business, and financial information. Features CD-ROM software and books for students and professionals alike.

World's Most Wanted
This cool site lists criminals and deadbeats on the lam in the U.S. and Canada. Features include pictures, rapsheets, and links to such sites like the U.S. Postal Service's Most Wanted, the FBI's Ten Most Wanted, and others.

WWW Virtual Library-International & Environmental Law
A meta-index of legal, environmental, and international resources. Featuring current laws, online journals, publications, and links to organizations and research centers such as the U.S. Geologic Survey, and the West Coast Environmental Law.

You Are The Jury
A public forum where anyone can submit their case for presentation before the American public. The jurors (open to anyone who wishes to participate) decide the fate of the case. Especially effective for displaying the works of experienced con artists who get rewarded for their craftiness in a traditional court system.

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