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Romantic Tips Brought to you by The Lonely Hearts Club

Call your sweetheart (this works for both women or men) and tell them you will pick them up for your date. Arrive in a limo, wearing regular apparel or you can spice it up with a more sexy style. Take them out to dinner, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Afterwards, drive around in the limo for a while, making sure there is a bottle of champagne and two glasses. With other sweet tips of your own, this will make a wonderful evening very special to your date.
My ex boyfriend did this for me once...I use to visit him by train cause he lived away from me, and at the time , I didn't drive. He met me at the train station with a huge flower arrangement. It was so cute. He was on roller skates..we went back to his house, and the room was filled with scented candles, and there on his bed was a stuffed animal..a monkey, cause he knew I thought they were so cute, it was holding a red was so romantic, he cooked me dinner that night too, It also made me sad cause he didnt have a lot of money, so for him to share the little that he had for me was so nice
i took my girlfriend on a date to a mall. Inside it was an ice-skating rink. WE went ice skating and then i told her to look....I was pointing to one of the small tables to the side of the rink where two of our friends stood with aprons. The table had a red table-cloth on it and six roses....she and i ordered anything we wanted from the food court with our friends ordering and serving for us and then they left. to top it off, there was an ice show afterwards! It turned out perfect, she loved it!
For Valentine's Day give your special someone a bag of those brightly colored stones and on each stone write something you love about them. And on the outside of the bag write "Things I Love About You."
                        A tip from JAngelgirl85

One day when your girlfriend is sad or in a bad mood guys go to the local store and buy 11 roses and 1 fake red rose and put the fake rose in middle of the real ones and go to her and give them to her and say that (I will love you until all the roses are dead) she will look at you weird but i guess it will take about 1 to 4 days for her to figure out that the last rose is fake and it will never die and trust me your wife or girlfriend will love it

I met my boyfriend at a plant nursery where he works, and a couple of weeks into our dating he gave me bug killer for one of my plants that had a mites or something.
Well, I called him at work one day and told him I drank the bug killer. He sounded very worried and said "Why would you do a thing like that?" I told him I was thinking about him and I had butterflies in my tummy. He thought that was cute.
We have that cute sense of humor in our relationship. He's from CA and I'm from NY.
I have arranged for a driver to take my girlfriend and I to a nearby Italian Resaurant. It is one of those that looks like the mob will bust in and start shooting any moment. A very classic resaurant.
Before dinner, I have her wait in the car while I spread flower petals over my bed, and after dinner we will go to the dance.
After the dance, I plan to go to my house and have her wait downstairs blind folded. While she is waiting I will take a bottle of wine with two glasses and place it on the nightstand next to my bed and light the 50 or so candles lining my walls.
I will then lead her upstairs to my room and then have her wait at the door way and count to 60 then remove the blindfold to reveal me, nude on the bed with a boquet of roses in my arms.
R. L. Coffey

We have the best way to win a girls heart!
This comes from the girls themselves and they love this.
Poetry! They love it so much!
Send them a bouquet of flowers with a note of poetry and they will fall fast for you!
Shane and Lori

Here are a couple of ideas. I did this for my boyfriend. I sent him a couple of roses with one matching silk rose in the bouquet with a note saying "I will love you until the last rose dies." also I sent him three roses with one saying " this is for my mind, which you're always on" and another saying "This is for my heart, which you're always in" and the last one saying "this is for my soul which you'll always have."

One thing that my husband did for me before we got married and were dating, is he left a ton of hershey kisses on the floor of my room and right in the middle of the floor was a note that said, "Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on, will you please join me for dinner tonight?" Of course I said yes and we went out to a very nice restaurant followed by a long walk in the park under the stars where we talked and just enjoyed being close to each other.
I once gave my girlfriend a nice wood handcarved jewlery box. In side the box I laminated a piece of paper and attached to the inside of the lid and it read the following: " If i had a box just for wishes, ...........and dreams that have never come true..................the box would be empty except for the memory, of how they were answered by you." She loved it! Then i played the song that i got the quote from, and when that verse came on there was a great glow in her eye, and she gave me a big hug. She also moved away to go to college and i made her a tape full of romantic songs, including that one.
From: Superman
This is something my husband of one month did for me 2 years prior to our marriage.
I had just given him the key to my apartment. I told him a story once along time ago. When I was a child of 5, we use to get a phone number from school. It was a phone number to call Santa Clause to ask him what we wanted for Christmas. My father would listen in on the other phone. I asked Santa for a Pooh Bear. I never received it. I got a Cookie Monster (Which I just loved). I asked my father why? He said, "Maybe Santa didn't know what a Pooh Bear was.
On my birthday he asked me to stay at the office, at least till 4:00pm. He said if I didn't I wouldn't get my surprise. I waited and waited. He called and said he was going to bring me flowers, but his car broke down. He said he would call me later. I called him from the mall and he asked me again to call him when I got home. I opened the door to my apartment. Rose petals in a trail leading to my bedroom, up onto the bed and sitting there is Pooh and a note to go to the fridge where there was 2 dozen roses. I loved it. I tell everyone this story.
Take care, Treena Johnston
One night my boyfriend said we were going out for a romantic evening. Little did I know how romantic it was going to be. First of all he blind folded me and did not tell me where we were going. He made several stops and eventually brought me to our destination. He took my hand and lead me through some doorways and up some stairs. Finally he open up a door and took the blind fold off. There we were in a huge hotel room lighted with candles. There was a candle light dinner with a white rose drapped across my plate. There were roses all over the bed. There was even a hot tub with candles and roses. Yes, and of course a bottle of wine. He even had some soft music playing, and eventually singing to me. He was a perfect gentleman and needless to say , he is now my husband.
I'm not too good at this romantic thing but once I searched through my soul on the subject of love. I wrote what she called a "poem" for the first time in my life. "She" is a person I just considered a friend, but I had her read it and she came up to me and hugged me and told me that it was beautiful. I was shocked! You may want to try it. . . Cyan Majere
tip: On Christmas, if your checkbook can handle 78 gits, try the Twelve Days of Christmas thing-- one gift twelve days before christmas, 2 the next day... 12 on Christmas day. My girlfriend will experiance that this upcomming christmas.
If you really wanna win a girl's heart and she lives across the country because you met her over the net or she just simply had to go away. Go out to flower shops or just any place that sells flowers will do, then ask the lady working there if she has any fallen off rose pedals. Or you can just pluck them off the roses themselves if you don't get caught. Get a few differnt kinds of different colors. Then when you get home press the pedals flat between something such as books. Make sure they are flat and spread out and not touching each other. Wait for about 3 days until they are all dry and then very, very, carefully glue them onto a nice piece of paper with a little poem or just a short sweet message to her. Then of course sign you name at the bottom. And if you know her favroite perfume...spray the roses with them. Seal it and send it away! She'll love you for this.
Andrew L.
Since I get up for work before she does, I sometimes write "I Love You" on the bathroom mirror with soap. A tender note on a small piece of paper can also be left in the coffee pot handle, stuck in the refrigerator door, or on the steering wheel of her car. This sort of thing keeps her spun up for the whole day, and keeps the love fires burning as we spend our lives together.
I met a very special girl recently and decided to try and knock her socks off. I called her on a Thursday and asked her if she had any plans on Saturday-she siad no and I asked her not to make any. She agreed. Saturday I picked her up with a handy bottle of champagne and drove her to a nearby field where a man who gives hot air balloon rides met us. She was totally surprised and equally impressed. We caught a great sunset over the rolling hills of North Carolina for under $200.00. We're now engaged. Any guys out there who are head over heels for a girl-I hope you consider trying it-my fiance said it was the greatest thing a guy ever did for her---except of course buy her a diamond ring. Happy hunting.
Here is my tip. If available, go to the beach at night with you're lover and walk on the beach and talk or sit on the beach and listen to the waves crash on the beach while looking at the full moon.
When your mate comes home from a long day at work, have a bath ready for her. When the bath is full add rose pedals to it. Tell her that the bath is for her, and that you'll be back in twenty minutes. While she is in the tub take a towel and warm it up in the dryer for her. When you return give her the nice warm towel to rap around her then pull out two glasses of ice wine. Cougar
Here's my tip for romance: Because I got started so late in the game of ROMANCE my tip deals with: SIZE. As we get older we get bigger. Allocate funds for three things: a bigger bed, a larger tub (so the two of you can still bathe together) and a full size car (for those romantic drive in movie nights). You'll need the bigger stuff because of the bigger body aging is going to give you. Oh I know you young people will say "Never me" Ha Ha, just wait. Remember, Fun love is being able to move around in the space your provided with. And thats my tip.
Love ya all, Jerry, (Dave's oldest friend).
Leave a trail of love notes. For example: I left a note on the door saying, If your love is content, go to the place where our time is most spent. So she went to the hamock where we sat all night watching the stars and found another note saying, If your love is true, go to the place where I first made love to you. So she went to the bathroom and found a note taped to the side of the tub. (I ran a bubblebath for the both of us there.) That note said, Now that I know your love is true, follow your heart to the bedroom I have a surprise for you. So she did and found me with two glasses of champagne waiting for her.
This is an easy and inexpensive romantic dessert. Go to the store, and purchase some strawberries and one of those "jars" of fudge for sundaes. Heat up the fudge in the microwave until it is warm. Then dip the strawberries in the warm fudge and place them in a bowl on or a plate. Place them in the refrigerator to cool and bring them out for dessert!
After trying this and my girlfriend loving it, I thought I should share. Here it is:
I called my girlfriend up around noon one day and asked her what she had planned already. Nothing of course because I knew her schedule. I asked her to meet me at the local coffee shop around seven and told her not to plan anything for the rest of the night. I had made reservations to a wonderful restuarant with candle lighting and a beautiful fountain in the middle of the room, anyways, I went to the coffeeshop about 30 min. before she showed up and asked the owner if she would clear the place out for about half an hour, with a little bit of money it worked out. I then ran to the nearest grociery store and bought 20 white gardenia fragranced candles and arranged them around the coffee shop. I then asked the owner to put the closed sign up, and then asked her to take the dozen white roses behind the counter. In the card envelope that comes with the flowers I placed a gift certificate for a massage. I told the owner my plan and we worked it out like this:
My girlfriend would arrive around 7 then would be escorted in by the owner and asked to take a seat where here favorite drink was placed, then while she was sitting there I would come in and present the roses with the massage voucher to her. We had coffee and talked for awhile. After we were nearly finished I said to her that it was time to go. We walked out and she started for her car, suddenly I stopped her and took her by her hand leading her to the restaurant which was a short distance away. We then arrived at the restaurant and had dinner, talked, and listened to the pianist. After dinner we walked to her house, about 2 miles away, leaving our cars behind. I kissed her goodnight and walked back to our cars. I went to the flower shop and bought several different aromatic floral bouqets filling her car. I waited till I was sure she was asleep and drove her car to her house and left it full of flowers for her in the morning.
When someone loved me, he found the inner beauty in me. That being the creativity and sensitivity of a woman who isn't shallow and not afraid to gently pick up a praying mantis and explain to him the things in the world he never bothered taking note of, namely lying in bed and learning about the sound a katydid makes, or a spring peeper, or teaching him that making love is more than just the actual act, but is made full by the meeting of two minds through touch and simple gestures known fully to each other. That being feminine in the '90's doesn't mean aggressiveness, but showing ones open soul.
It was I who introduced him to the world when he thought none such as mine existed beyond the walls of his office building.
Leaving Hershey Kisses just outside the door...leaving a note still stuck to the door saying "I left you kisses on the door...but some of them fell off" Another one is, making him a sandwich for lunch...but instead of cheese in the middle replacing it with a note, that says "I love you".
While alone with your lover, in a quiet place and particularily outside at night, whisper sexually suggestive nothings into you lover's ear; but the trick is to whisper them so quietly that you are mostly breathing softly through their ear. Why? Because the inside of the ear, surprisingly enough, is sensitive to such stimulus. And if you softly rub the lobe of their other ear and brush the lobe of the ear that you are speaking into with your lips- and occasiohally nibble it- your lover will be drivin wild with desire!
Greet your lover with fresh, fat, fluffy bath sheets as they emerge from their shower and then towel them off!! Mr. M.
Blindfold your significant other and take them in the car to a romantic spot of your choosing. Be sure you have prepared your favorite romantic goodies - chilled wine, strawberries, grapes, assorted cheeses and crackers and a picnic blanket! Set up as desired so when the blindfold is whisked away - they are equally surprised by your ambiance as well as your planned trip! Enjoy!
One thing that I always thought would be romantic is surprising your girlfriend with a card and rose. Like leave it on her desk at work almost like a secret admirer deal.
When I lived out of town for a couple of months and my boyfriend came to see me, we would lay out a blanket at night and watch the stars all night.
What is mostly appreciated by my girlfriend, is that I rub her to sleep after making love... Our bodies still warm, snuggled up close against each other, then I'll rub her back and her arms till she falls into a deep sleep... The rest of the short night that is left for me, is staring at her beauty, and wondering off to my own dreamworld... goodnight. Tony.
While he is at work, rent a room at a hotel. Purchase a bouquet of flowers, send the key to the room, and an invitation to meet you for dinner at a nice restaurant. Then place the following items in the room bathroom....candles, champagne, bubblebath, his favorite long sleeve shirt, razor, and a music box. Now its your turn to have fun. Go out and spend some money on yourself. Get your hair done, nails done, and buy the shorties and most provocative dress you feel comfortable with. Now show up for the date.... but one thing is very important... dont wear underwear. Sure you'll feel uncomfortable for awhile...and unless you are an exhibitionist you'll be careful. Meet him for dinner. Half way thru dinner, tell him you arent wearing underwear. Now watch him eat faster... After dinner, take him to the room. Sit him on the bed, go into the bathroom, pour the bubblebath, light the candles, pour the champagne, and take everything off and slip into his favorite long sleeve shirt. Roll up the sleeves and take out the glasses. Join him on the bed and drink and make out. Tease him hard...but DON'T go all the way with him. When you are to the point he wants to rape you (strong word, but I hope you get the idea), lead him into the bathroom and slowly undress him. Slip off your shirt and slide into the bathtub and ask him to join him. Have drinks, talk to him, listen to the music, whatever.... but you must do one more thing in the tub. This will make some of you nervous as heck...but ask him to shave your legs... I know thwy dont need it...but you have to experience it. There is something about Mr Macho suddenly becoming as tender as a lamb while he gingerly holds your leg with a razor. Its an extreme turn-on for both. It shows trust in each other and sensuality. Well thats all I have. How you end this date is of course up to you. But I hope it is as special for you as it has been for me!!
Baby oil for massaging can be expensive. Melted margarine is just as effective, and has the advantage of tasting nicer, especially if they are a toast lover.
Once, I sent 11 roses to my partner. I attached a note that said I would bring her the last one my self. She really liked it and so I thought I would pass it on.
This past semester, I instatnly fell in love and made her go bananas for me as well. One of the things that really impressed her was my romance. For example, on one of our later dates, I filled my room with scented candles in different and sensual holders and bought a couple velvet pillows which I matched with velvet colored satin sheets. Being the kid at heart that I was, I insisted that I read her Dr. Suess' Sleep Book before we fell asleep.
I awoke earlier than she did the following morning just as I had planned in order to prepare breakfast in bed for her. I cut her pancakes with a heartshaped cookie cutter and prepared a bowl of fruits for dessert.
Actually, you can suprise them with just about anything in their car; for example: when they are getting out of work after a long day.
Another is when they are away one day, go buy those glow in the dark stars and put them on the ceiling spelling out "I LOVE YOU" then wait for her to turn out the light before she goes to sleep.
Romantic tips, courtesy of Chrissy.
Being outdoors at night makes almost anything romantic, like playing on a playground or simply lying on a blanket...
I left a note on the doorbell for him to ring the bell, count to 25, and then come find me! To help him out, I left a candy heart trail to the room I was in ... made a soft pallate on the floor and made a heart out of the candies with a candle in the center. While looking at all of this, he was slightly distracted, and I crawled out of the shadows to sneak up behind him, wearing something very provacative. He loved it!!
This Romantic Tip, compliments of Lisa.
Indoor picnics are great. I surprised my husband one morning when he came home from work. I was dressed in lingerie and had prepared breakfast with pastries and all our favourites. It was quite a wonderful surprise and fun too? You can take it from there.
One thing that I noticed works is: Send her one flower each day for a week, or maybe two each day. By then end of the week, she'll have a bouquet. Make sure you send different flowers and colors. - Gerrit Demik.
My Tip: From a female perspective...I leave tiny flowers in a path, spread all over my home and each location there is a small trinket, bottle of after shave, body oil, gift certificate for a pedicure for him, truffle, mints, picture of me in a provacative outfit, lace panties, then the trail leads to the whirlpool bath and I have filled with bubble bath and candles glowing. After the bath, the pillow is filled with goodies and under the sheets is a warm heating pad and we take it from there. Want more? Hope this helps! -Cindi
Hi! I'm Moeiz I like these ideas but I think food really works well or a nice message with oil before making love!!
Give your lover a relaxing and romantic bath. Use bubblebath or bath oils, whichever she likes the best. The personnel in local bath/body shops are usually very helpful if you aren't sure what to pick out. Don't be embarassed to explain to these people that you are trying to provide for a romantic evening, as they often have good suggestions of their own.
a romantic tiiip: read stories to each other!
Women do love it when you bring flowers to them. If you are going to share an intimate encounter with your mate, why not pluck the petals from a rose and lightly brush your partner's naked body with them, strategically leaving the petals one-by-one placed upon your lover's body. Leave them between your two bodies during lovemaking. The soft, sensual, scent is a wonderful experience for both partners.
Always be gentlemanly to your mate. This is easy, at first, during the rush of a new romance. It tends to be taken for granted after the relationship has become more comfortable. Don't give in to absentmindedness. Make it a priority to always treat her special. She will be the envy of all her friends, and you will go down in history as the catch of the decade.

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